Arrow Player Brings “The Last Matinee” to Streaming Screens this December

“The Last Matinee” artwork by Marc Schoenbach

Fans of giallo and slashers proper are getting a late Halloween treat this year with the release of Maximiliano Contenti’s The Last Matinee on Arrow Player, Arrow Video’s online streaming subscription service on December 1st. The streaming debut comes just 5 days before the film is unleashed on Blu-ray in the UK.

Ana in the projection booth. This ain’t no DCP box!

The film centers around Ana, whose father’s poor health forces him to leave the theater at which he works, entrusting her to take over the duties of screening the day’s feature. The theater doesn’t make a whole lot of money and the matinee ticket sales don’t pay the bills for the venue either, as the moviegoers arrive they are few and far between. But someone else has bought a ticket for the show, and they’re not exactly keen on what’s being projected on the silver screen. Soon the already small crowd grows smaller, one by one…

An audience member looks off-frame in fear. Is the movie really that scary?

The Last Matinee blends its genre offerings well and spotlights a compelling cast of characters. It’s the external drama they bring to the communal space of the Opera theater that gives the film its needed weight. In this it clearly communicates the stakes while utilizing its ticking clock in a neat way.

Its concept borrows heavily from Bigas Luna’s 1987 feature film Anguish but still manages to operate in its own sandbox. This is less a weakness for the film than it is a statement of intent; The Last Matinee is nothing if not about the celebration of films and the experiences we have watching them. It just happens to have a gloved killer stalking the rows of seats in the main auditorium thinking about his next victim. While it won’t connect with everyone who enjoys their camp with their classics, its spirit is pure and for us movie lovers, that’s all that matters.

You won’t see this one coming.

The press release for Arrow Video’s The Last Matinee can be read below:

ARROW Offers Classic and Cutting Edge Cult Cinema

Gory Throwback Giallo The Last Matinee Streaming December 1 Will Headline ARROW December Lineup

“Genuinely tense and suspenseful with more than a few moments of jaw-dropping gore.” — Rue Morgue

“A superior celluloid slasher” — Backseat Mafia

London, UK — Arrow Video is excited to announce the ARROW release of Maximiliano “Maxi” Contenti’s stylish neo-giallo love letter The Last Matinee, available exclusively to subscribers in the US, Canada, the UK, and Ireland. The Last Matinee made its US premiere at Panic Fest and screened at Sitges and the Cleveland International Film Festival. The film will debut on ARROW December 1.

With lavish retro visuals, inventive and unexpected kills, buckets of grisly gore, a throbbing synth-drenched score, and a superb setting in a fleapit cinema, this is a fright-film lover’s dream: a blend of 80s slasher with Argento giallo, replete with a black-hooded, eyeball-plucking killer and a final girl, Luciana Grasso, you’ll be cheering for. The Last Matinee ticks all the right boxes for devoted horror hounds: it’s Demons, Halloween, StageFright, Popcorn, Opera and Drive in Massacre all rolled into one superbly sinister reel and projected for your delight.

ARROW will be home to a number of exclusive extras for The Last Matinee, including an interview with director Maxi Contenti and Killer Attractions: Maxi Contenti & Ricardo Islas in Conversation, a discussion between the film’s director and star Ricardo Islas, director of Frankenstein: Day of the Beast.



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