Directors Blake & Brent Cousins on ‘Slaughter Day’

The SOV Horror Flick You Never Knew You Needed to See!

Few things are as delightful as discovering a new favorite movie for the first time. As a lifelong fan of The Evil Dead, it was a pleasure to discover that a couple other fans of the movie took it upon themselves to create something in the same arena: a little movie called Slaughter Day. Made in Hawaii on a shoestring budget by two brothers and running a cool 62 minutes, the film prides itself on running with the spookablast influence of Raimi’s Dead movies on top of action stunt work; in other words, dangerous filmmaking for a good cause.

That’s gotta hurt! Image courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing.

I found myself cheering on the efforts of the Cousins brothers in 1991 while not giving two shits about how roughly this was put together. When you develop a taste for SOV horror your suspension of disbelief (among other things) accommodates nearly every film on a case-by-case basis, sometimes exponentially so. In the Cousins brothers’ case, the pure energy from Slaughter Day alone is enough to fuel your excitement past any instance of misbegotten details — if there are even any worth pointing to for arguments’ sake. I’ll just say this much: Slaughter Day is a new favorite which will see its time in the sun (or moon?) during the Halloween season.

I talk to Blake and Brent Cousins about their film here:



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